How To Grow Your Business With Referral Conversations

Has this happened to you?

A client says, 

Client: I just found out that a friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first baby. They want to get out of their apartment as soon as possible and into their own home.

You: Here’s my card – ask him to give me a call.

Results: No call, no transaction, no commission check.

How many times have you been in a referral moment, and walked away with no referral?

What if you had the Magic Words to turn that referral moment into an immediate introduction to a potential client?

I use the term Magic Words because when you master this language, you will

• Set yourself apart from your competition.

• Position yourself as a knowledgeable consultant.

• Use the right language at the right time to ask for – and receive – referrals. And not just any referrals, but introductions to high-quality prospects who are serious about buying, selling, or borrowing – very soon.

The How To Get Into A Referral Conversation dialogue from my Magic Words That Get Referrals works equally well whether your client is a buyer, seller or borrower.

Watch this Magic Words Dojo video for my coaching on using this dialogue to encourage your client to think of the best way to make sure that you and their referral will have a conversation – very soon.

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