You Are Their “Friend” In The Business

Today I’m sharing the Seven of Hearts in my Magic Words That Get Referrals dialogues.

When you watch the video you may notice that I’m using the word introducing instead of referring, and help instead of service or advice.

I’m doing this because it’s easier for a person to imagine introducing you than it is referring you, and help means they need you to solve a problem, which is much more powerful to them than service or advice .

Use this dialogue at the end of your Initial Consultation and throughout the transaction to remind clients that you are their friend in the business, and they can feel comfortable introducing you to the people they care about.

Magic Words

“Isn’t nice to know you now have a friend in the business who you can feel comfortable introducing to your family, friends and neighbors for the real estate or mortgage help they need?”

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Does your client know that you are their friend? Share your thoughts below.

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